Frequently asked questions

Distribution Area: Which countries do you deliver to?

We ship our products to all the countries in the EU

Triangle shipping method via Luxemburg: How come the products are shipped via Luxemburg?

We chose the triangle shipping method via Luxemburg because of the insurance we are able to provide on each order. Through this particular shipping method we make sure that the goods ordered are delivered safely.

Shipping cost: How come the shipping cost are this high?

The shipping cost is higher due to the longer transportation route the triangle shipping method requires. On the other hand the products ordered are insured, which is unique in the industry.

Transit time: How long does the shipping usually take?

The shipping of the packages usually take 8-10 working days.

What do the packages contain?

Besides the products ordered, the packages contain the corresponding analysis reports from our accredited laboratories and the invoices and are attached to each package with the official customs documents.

Can the goods be confiscated at the customs?

Since the products are legal in Switzerland, customs cannot confiscate them. In case the goods would be held at the border control regardless, customs would be obliged to return the package to Switzerland.

In which countries are the products legal?

According to European law, our goods are absolutly legal. Nevertheless, some EU countries have restrictions and its own laws - we recommend collecting infos regarding the legal situation from a renowned source such as a lawyer upon placing an order.

In wich countries do you have customers?

For now: France Germany Austria England Ireland Spain Luxemburg Belgium Holland Italy Portugal

What kind of payment do you accept?

Currently we only accept bank transfer. We are working on accepting credit cards and PayPal as a form of payment too.

Do you only send the goods when the money has been received?

Up until the fifth order we ship the goods only after we have the money in our account. Afterwards also on account - but only up until a certain amount.

Does ordering from you require me to have a registered business or company?

Yes, otherwise you aren't elgible to order since we only work business to business. If you are in the process of setting up a registered business or company is, please contact us by email and we will discuss the further process.

How does the ordering process work?

1 Please register using our contact form. 2 You will then receive a password for the login area. 3 Now you can place your order. 4 Go to the shopping cart and use the corresponding discount coupon. 5 Complete the order via offline payment modus. 6 After the confirmation we prepare the products for delivery. 7 When the package is ready for shipment we will send you a confirmation and wait for your payment. 8 When we have booked the money on our account we will ship the goods and you will receive the tracking.

Return: Am I able to return / exchange the products in case I am not happy with the quality of the goods received?

Yes, you are able to return all or parts of the products ordered. Please contact us by email or call us, so we know in what areas we need to improve. You will be refunded the full amount via bank transfer.

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