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Our knowledge covers all aspects of the CBD. Technical know-how and high-quality production. Our experience in logistics & distribution makes us the ideal partner for you and guarantees you a fast and safe delivery.we offer all our CBD products as white label as bulk or filled in 10ml bottles.


From cultivation to packaging, we place the highest value on quality. On 2000m2 we plant the best CBD strains on the market under GMP standard. Our plants are fertilized exclusively with organic nutrient. For prophylaxis against pests we use insects as beneficial protection. The harvested flowers are gently fermented, sorted and sifted again before packaging to remove impurities such as small flowers and leaves.

Oil Fullspektrum:

our CBD oil is produced by gentle CO2 extraction with selected Cannabis Sativa plants which are organically grown in greenhouse. The oil is decarbolyxed after the CO2 extraction which means that by gentle heating the CBDA is converted into active CBD. The oil contains all substances from the cannabis plant such as cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, phenols, vitamins and other active ingredients.



Distillate Fullspektrum:

Together with our laboratory partners we have brought a distillate onto the market which convinces with an extremely full spectrum of cannabinoids.The trend is that CBD extracts do not only contain cbd as it is the case with isolates, but contain as extensive a cannabinoid spectrum as possible and few traces of thc. Our Golden CBD Distillate is completely degreased and is therefore extremely well suited for the development of various products such as Oils, E-Liquids, Capsules or Foodstuffs. Through distillation from the raw extract we can separates all impurities such as lipids, chlorophyll, heavy metals and other undesirable substances. According to analysis, it is probably the fullest spectrum distillate worldwide.


E-Liquids VG/PG:

Our full spectrum CBD E-Liquids are produced with a special process from hemp extract in which we extract the lipids from the extract. This process is called "Winterizing". This means that our extract is frozen and then passes through several filter steps until the lipids are completely removed. By this filter procedure it is possible to produce a clean liquid which is free of lipids.

E-Liquids MCT:

For our premium E-Liquid we use our fullspectrum CBD distillate, terpenes and MCT Oil as carrier. The cannabinoids from our MCT E-Liquid are completely converted into active cannabinoids through the distillation process.